MercedesTrophy 2022 Registration

Kindly refer to the MercedesTrophy 2022 Terms Of Competition before completing this form.

Entrance Fee : RM380

Debit Card is not accepted

(Registration period from 1 Jan 2017 onward, any earlier will not be able to submit for registration)

WHS Number should be 6 digit

All registration forms must be accompanied with the following documents:

1. Copy of valid/latest car registration card

2. Screenshot of ‘My Profile’ Page from MGA App

3. A copy of Road Tax Photo

4. Marriage Certificate

4. A copy of Business Card

5. Latest Corporate Information in SSM / Form 49

6. Company Car Letter Authorization

* All fields are compulsory
* Photo size must be less than 5MB


I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions by Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and declared that the information provided is true.


I hereby confirmed that I have read the Mercedes-Benz’s Personal Data & Information Notice (“the Notice”), a copy of which is also available at I acknowledged and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Notice and consent to the use of my personal data in the manner and for the purposes stipulated in the Notice.

Registration will only be processed upon receiving all required and valid documents. Mercedes-Benz reserves the right to reject any incomplete or invalid registration.